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ELLE mELLE har vært på trendseminar med den verdenskjente trendforskeren Li Edelkoort på DogA i Oslo tidligere denne måneden. Der hørte vi om nomadetrenden, her er et utdrag, hennes ord hentet fra hennes seminar.

nomadism Now that our smartphones and tablets and pocketbooks have made us wireless and have set us free we are able to work everywhere and anytime we want. As a result we no longer need a desk or an office and are able to completely reinvent our existence. Borders of work time and leisure time have faded as we decided on our own timetables and priorities. We are free to roam and wander…

Under this influence we will again become nomadic and are without knowing it going back to the beginning of mankind when our species would roam and wander living from hunting and gathering.

Fashion will therefore become nomadic and go on the road for inspirations from all itinerant tribes and migrant movements in history; from the first pilgrims and pioneers to the most recent urban nomads, from the first adventures to the contemporary campers and from the historical migrants to the futuristic mind travellers.